300 years Berlin history centered around the Brandenburg Gate

THE GATE is a wall-to-wall film in the heart of Berlin that takes the visitors through more than 300 years Berlin history centered around the Brandenburg Gate. Located directly across from it at Pariser Platz, it also houses a small historical exhibition. The 20-min. film is an interwoven mosaic consisting of documentary film footage, photographs, animations, and a spatial sound layer. The TAUCHER team created a spatial sound composition with original sound footage, creative sound design, and historical soundscaping, while our ingenious composer Felix Rösch came up with a composition spanning over 300 years of music history from Baroque to electronic music. The film is presented on a 30 meters screen covering three of the four walls in the room, and a three-dimensional sound system with 32 loudspeakers at floor level as well as around and above the audience, and 6 subwoofers, all fed with individual sound signals.