We create sound scenography
for exhibitions and full space media

Sound scenography: auditory communication in staged spaces

Every sound we hear in a particular environment necessarily co-produces our experience of that place along with the other senses. The sonic, the visual, the olfactory, the haptic – they all carry information in a different form. Sound opens a context of meaning not only coded as speech or in the guise of identifiable and illustrative sound sources such as footsteps or the sound of a passing train, but also in less obvious ways. Ambient atmospheres, contextualizing spatial soundscapes, or merely a reverb that creates the sensation of closeness or distance all permeate an exhibition design with a sonic signature. Because a staged space is always shaped by our listening experience, sound is an essential design tool in scenography.


We create sound scenography for exhibitions and full space media. By taking into account site-specific characteristics such as the architecture, the built scenography, and the room acoustics, we design holistic auditory experiences, including the necessary technical concepts.

Concept development. Content, technologies, and architectural acoustics, guided by our framework of auditory communication in exhibition design and spatial media.

Production of audio content. Contextualizing ambiences, immersive soundscape compositions, speech in multiple languages, exhibit sound design, audio guides, interactive audio, 360° sound for VR and full-dome media, film sound.

Music production. Original composition, arrangement, recording and mixing of various musical styles ranging from ambient, electronic, to orchestral music.

Mobile field and live recordings. Various spatial and conventional recording technologies, including our in-house developed 3D audio microphone tree.

Production studio. All audio formats from mono to object based 3D audio, including MNTN – The Sound of the Mountain, Ambisonics, Wave Field Synthesis, and binaural 3D audio for headphones. Our studio in Berlin is equipped with a three-dimensional 22.1 arrangement of loudspeakers — and a stereophonic reference-class sound system by Musikelektronik Geithain. We also have a fully equipped mobile production studio.

Technical planning & supervision. While taking into account the physical characteristics and acoustics of the space, our technical solutions are designed to match the creative intentions of the sound scenography. Close collaboration with technical media suppliers and installation companies.

On-site mixing. Mixing and mastering of audio content at the venue with our fully-equipped, mobile sound production studio. Delivery and implementation of final audio files and playback technologies.
sound creates space . sound contextualizes . sound makes a place out of space . sound creates atmosphere . sound makes a space feel alive . sound is movement . sound creates presence . sound dissolves the physical boundaries of space . sound translates shades of feeling . sound communicates the materiality of things . sound shapes how we interpret information .