Coral: Rekindling Venus

World Economic Forum, Tianjin (China), 2014
Services: sound concept, sound design, technical planning & production
Categories: 360° film, event

The 360° full-dome movie Coral: Rekindling Venus shows the fluorescent inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef and gave the audience an emotional idea of the important role which corals play in underwater ecosystems.

The World Economic Forum "Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014" was held in Tianjin/China in September 2014. High on the agenda of the WEF were environmental concerns, and the position the private sector will take “given renewed attention to climate change by China, the United States, and the European Union”. Highlighting the urgency of the discussion was an artwork by Australian artist Lynette Wallworth and Producer John Maynard, shot by Emmy Award-winning cinematographer David Hannan.

TAUCHER provided the design, technology and the operating support of the wireless sound system. In collaboration with ZENVISION and VFX Alliance, TAUCHER also created a slow-paced sound intermezzo, which sensitized the audience in-between screenings.

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