DELUSIONS II & Metal Soundscape

RADIALSYSTEM V, Berlin (DE), 2012
Categories: live perfoemance, art

The international symposium The Art of Listening – Festival of Music Listening was organized at Berlin's contemporary art venue Radialsystem V from the 12th to 14th of July 2012. During the Radial Night, the visitors were invited to wander through the different spaces of the venue to experience different approaches to music listening and explore the workings of one's own hearing. How do light, stage setting, and listener's position influence our sound perception?

TAUCHER created two spatial mixes the 80-channels 3D sound system that was temporarily installed in Radialsystem V: the composition Delusions II by Christian Steinhäuser, and Metal Soundscape by percussionist Markus Hauke.

Partner: phase 7
Lighting design: Björn Hermann

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