The Doors of Perception

Fulldome Festival Jena (DE), 2012
Categories: 360° film, art

TAUCHER (sound) and Ralph Heinsohn (conception & visuals) participated at the Fulldome Festival in Jena with the film The Doors Of Perception.

Based on a scene from the eponymous novel by Aldous Huxley, the narration heavily draws on the three-dimensional soundtrack. The Jena Planetarium was one of the first planetariums worldwide with the technical setup for spatial sound, where speakers are incorporated into the cupola itself – finally adding an adequate audio premise to the visual experience.

The Doors Of Perception received the award for Pioneering interplay of word-sculptures and sound-sculptures in 360 degrees.

Conception & visuals Ralph Heinsohn
Festival Fulldome Festival Jena
Location Planetarium Jena
Award Pioneering interplay of word- and sound-sculptures in 360 degrees

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