MNTN 3D Sound

Based on the experience we gathered from our projects, we designed our own spatial sound system to meet the requirements of spatial media installations: The Sound of the Mountain.

The MNTN Spatial Sound System is a flexible and user-friendly sound system for exhibiting sound in space on multichannel loudspeaker installations. With MNTN it is easy to create immersive 3D sound experiences for explorative spaces that can be experienced with the entire body and without any technical wearables.

Designed to bring immersive sound experiences to exhibitions, 360° cinemas, media installations, and live performances, MNTN can handle any number of loudspeakers at any position in space, and it supports every loudspeaker brand. Setting up a 3D loudspeaker system with MNTN is extremely fast and straightforward, going well even with temporary events and tight time frames.

Spatial sound mixes can also be exported in Ambisonics 3D audio format, the standard for interactive 360° videos on Facebook and YouTube, as well as in the binaural 3D audio format which can be experienced on any type of headphones.

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