TAUCHER is a sound scenography studio. We believe that sound and our perception of space go hand in hand: from the stage of concept development until the sound mix at the venue, spatial thinking guides our approach to sound design and music composition. While we are focused on the creation of audio content, we are also happy to share our knowledge about planning spatial sound systems and treating room acoustics, since the overall experience of a project depends on both.

We create spatial sound & music for:

— media scenography
— explorative spaces
— exhibition design
— brand environments
— expanded cinema formats & 360° film
— live performances & events
— cinematic VR

In particular, we specialize in:

— spatial sound design
— music composition and production
— on-location 3D sound recording and mixing
— artistic concept development
— sound supervision

In addition to content production, we support your projects with technical services, since everybody is happy when both work well together:

— technical concept development
— multichannel 3D audio systems
— implementation at the venue
— custom software development
— room acoustics