Alicja Kwade // Clout-Count

Berlin (DE), 2021
Services: sound concept, design, composition, mixing 
Categories: artexhibition

Clout-Count is the central piece of Alicja Kwade’s exhibition “In Absence” at the Berlinische Galerie in Berlin. Presented on a giant loudspeaker ring that almost reaches the ceiling of the museum, the artist's heartbeat is transmitted into the exhibition space in a series of alternating spatial figures.

Clout-Count creates the impression of a heartbeat now present in the middle of the speaker setup, now moving away from the visitor. Modulating its tempo, the heartbeat speeds up, multiplies, or almost disappears behind the museum's walls into the distance.

Client: Alicja Kwade
Location: Berlinische Galerie
Partner: MNTN

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