TAUCHER, or ‘diver,’ is the one who plunges into a medium with the entire body.

As a sound scenography studio, we believe that the sound of a staged space always affects how we interpret it — regardless of whether the sound has been designed intentionally, or not designed at all. Because we never ever stop hearing. A simple though fundamental realization, it guides our integrative approach to the design of auditory communication in narrative environments.

What we say, sing, whisper, or resonate matters as much as how we say it. And „saying it,“ or communicating through sound, doesn’t only include the planning and production of audio content, but the orchestration of all the sound events in time and space together with all the other information and media involved in a scenography. Rather than treating sound as something to be added to an already existing script, we understand sound scenography as a complementary element for creating narratives and atmospheres.
And while creating a sound scenography within the superstructure of an exhibition or spatial media project, we carefully interweave all the elements which make a space come to life:

  • Concept development & planning for audio content, audio technologies, and architectural acoustics
  • Sound design and soundscape composition
  • Music composition, recording & production
  • Immersive 3D audio, music and field recordings
  • Spatial sound mixing & mastering
  • Ambient sound, exhibit sound, and audio guide production
  • Voice recording and production in multiple languages
  • On-site mixing and mastering of all sound sources incl. ambient sound, exhibit sound, and audio guides