Science Oasis

Riyadh (SAU), 2019
Services: sound concept, sound design, onsite mixing 
Categories: exhibition

In collaboration with the High Commission for the Development of ArRiyadh, TRIAD Berlin is currently designing one of the first major science centers of the Arab world. Particularly for the younger generation, the 3,000-m2 "Science Oasis" will provide an opportunity to discover scientific topics through play.

At the science center, visitors "zoom in" to the topics: After a journey into space, they explore planet Earth, dive into the oceans to discover the miracle of life, and finally venture into the world of molecules and atoms. Within the center's atmospheric spatial compositions, more than 100 interactive stations allow visitors to learn more about scientific phenomena. Media, objects, and texts create tangible connections between findings of the natural sciences and the history, geography, culture, climate, fauna, and flora of the Arab world.  

TAUCHER has created the sound scenography including contextualizing sound environments as well as the sound design for several objects, e.g. a large scale globe.

Triad Berlin
Architecture Gerber Architekten

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