We create sound scenography
for exhibitions and full space media

Sound Scenography

An exhibition is a medium in its own right. Object sounds, atmospheres and music interrelate in time and space with the visual layer of information — and with all the other senses that are engaged in an exhibition such as haptics and olfactory. The orchestration of all the sonic elements that co-produce the visitors’ experience in an exhibition is what we call sound scenography.

With our background in film sound, music composition and art, we design holistic auditory experiences which includes the staging of concrete information as much as the creation of contextualising soundscapes, atmospheres and music — by taking into account the architectural acoustics and the development of technical concepts to translate the sound content into real and vibrant listening experiences.

sound creates space . sound makes a place out of space . sound is movement . sound makes a space feel alive . sound creates atmospheres . sound resonates with the subject matter of a space . sound creates presence . sound communicates the materiality of things . sound shapes how we interpret information . sound dissolves the physical boundaries of space . sound contextualizes . sound translates shades of feeling


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An exhibition is space is sound

One of the key characteristics of an exhibition is its spatiality. And because sound is an information carrier as much as it forms and describes space, sound is inherent to the scenography of narrative environments. In fact, every exhibition is communicating through sound because an exhibition is staged space and sound co-creates space.