Virtuality Center, ITCC

Riyadh (SAU), 2013
Services: sound concept, sound design, onsite mixing 
Categories: exhibition

As part of the VIRTUALITY science center located in the Information Technology Communications Complex (ITCC) of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the new technology museum tells the story of IT and communications through a collection of interactive, media-based attractions. In partnership with IOSONO (now acquired by Barco) and ATTRAKTION!, a media cave was designed to present the immersive sound installation The Magic of Voice.

The story about the human voice was developed from the listening perspective and accompanied by a dynamic illumination of the space. TAUCHER realized the sound scenography, including concept development, sound design, and on-site mixing.

IOSONO (Barco)

(Photo credits: project:syntropy, TAUCHER)

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